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Beat Boredom; Get Organized

For many of us, keeping things tidy is no less than a nightmare. The untidy pile of clothes haunts you from under the bed, the evil file cabinet crammed with all your papers clang shut at the dead of the night, the smelly socks let out evil laughs for some added sound effects- you know where we are headed with this. We want with all our might to clean up, just for once, and get it over with. However, getting the motivation to actually do anything is where we are all defeated soldiers. What stops us from taking that one small step for man, yet one giant step for mankind? The answer is, surprisingly, our collective dread of boredom.

In 2018, as futuristic as the year sounds, we are all utterly, terribly and absolutely bored. We trudge through office, go through the motions of work and merely survive weekends, only to start yet another boring week. In such a situation, we hardly have enough time to be organized. Not only that, the act of folding those clothes or cleaning up the untidy magazine rack is the last thing we want to do. However, it often proves to be counterintuitive. To evade this boredom, what we end up doing is nothing- further deferring these tasks and missing a deadline or two in the process. What we would like to tell you is that boredom and procrastination go hand in hand, so it’s time for some organizing action.

If you are from the business world, or just happen to be very internet savvy, you probably know what they say about the millennial attention span. In our fast-moving world, strong first impressions are made in the first seven seconds. What first impression does your messy room make? For all we know, it definitely does not blow your guests away. Then again, there is such a thing called ‘too organized’. Imagine having a room full of nothing but white- white furniture, white walls, white sound system and white wires. This monochrome-monotony is proof that perhaps, keeping things tidy does not mean military dictatorship upon your poor belongings. Simply put, being organized does not have to be boring.

First, let us talk about the immediate problem at hand- clutter. In order to maintain order and sanity, it’s best to start small. If you have a tall pile of documents perched precariously on top of your table, simply divide that into two. Set yourself a goal to sort through at least half of that pile, label things properly and stow away the rest. Reward yourself with little tidbits, such as munchies or an extra ten minutes on Netflix. If you keep a good reward system running, tidying up will feel less like a chore and more like something you look forward to.

Another great way to deal with clutter is to cluster it. Keep some containers around the house for different sorts of items. You can, for example, keep a large file for all the stray paper documents, a basket for small tidbits, a tray for flat items etc. This helps you accomplish three things. First of all, the clutter does not get out of hand as the container is of a specific size. Secondly, this makes it easier for you to find things. Last but not the least, it gives you the drive to sort things or put them away when the container is full. The ease of carrying your stuff around is an added bonus. Don’t hesitate to keep a container in every room if it’s convenient for you.

When it comes to aesthetics, minimal is best. If you think that your room is over-furnished, start by mentally removing one item at a time. However, also remember that your room might also be lacking in furniture, making you pile up your clothes on a chair or keeping books lying on the floor. In such a situation, Bohu’s minimalistic furniture can come to your rescue. Simply keep the book you’re currently reading on top of a ‘stow’, invest in a pretty bookmark so that you don’t have to put it face first. Moreover, Bohu’s aesthetically designed furniture is not obsessive or dictatorial in design, and definitely not boring. Like a breath of fresh air, these minimalist furniture designs bring something new and exciting to the table. Or perhaps, bring a table itself. Indeed, one well-placed article in your room can transform the whole aesthetic.

Next comes getting your organizing priorities straight. For this, many resort to making to-do lists and keeping elaborate bullet journals to log their progress. If you are into crafting or DIY, by all means, go all out on creating beautifully decorated lists. However, if you do not want to take the extra trouble, print out some labels in pretty font. Take some time and attach the labels you have made to the files, the containers and the nearly-fading book spines. You’ll thank yourself for the new look of your items.

For those who don’t want to be obsessed with organizing, the good news is, you don’t have to be. You only need to observe your behavioural patterns and plan accordingly. If you are the type of person to come home and fling your orna away, place something in that direction to catch it. This prevents the additional workload of finding the flung garment and putting it away later.

The next time you feel demotivated to organize, remember that you can actually have fun transforming the look of your room. Bohu proudly joins in on the fun and delivers nothing short of innovative for your brand new, organized life.

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