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Nolche: Handmade Wooden Lamp Poles

Nolche, meaning tubular, is a wooden tube historically used as the body of a hookah in rural Bangladesh. 🇧🇩 This shape is also seen in architectural ornamentation as railings and sun shades.

The Nolche is given a new purpose, using the tube for cables, to become a source of light. The Nolche adds purpose to the life of every bulb. Using the tube-like structure for cables, it can become many different sources of light: a stand lamp, a pendant light, or even a chandelier depending on the attached fixture.

Either you hang it or stand it!
How to pick the perfect Nolche
A conversation between your happy heart and logical brain. 

1. Pick Your Number:

You can pick just one of the many Nolches, or make a unique set! Infact, there are 48 different options to choose from. Heart might say to pick 10, but prioritize your brain and start with 3. 

2. Choose The Design:

Make your own Nolche combo by mixing any of the 4 designs or take the same shape and color. Since these are hand made and hand painted, every Nolche is unique.

3. Pick Your Color:

We love giving you choices! Color your chosen designs with our palette of 12. These will be all hand-painted on wood, leaving a nice wooden texture on the product.

4. Your Nolche(s) is/are ready!

Now the only step you have is to get some bulbs and light up your space. DONE! Let’s go put them up on display!

Nolche is a unique product that can be easily converted to a light source. This is one of the signature and top selling products of Bohu Bangladesh.

It’s lovingly hand-crafted from solid wood, adding character to your environment, illuminated or not! Available in a number of tones and sizes, this quirky & versatile product can be placed in any home or boutique environment.


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