Foolel: The Foolish Best Friend - Bohu Bangladesh

Foolel: The Foolish Best Friend

Your foolish best friend, FOOLEL, is here to brighten up your world!
The Foolel is a lightweight stool that can be used as a seat, as a plant stand or to give extra character to a space. It brings a certain kind of ease to an interior with its colorful floral top.

Foolel comes in 3 different sizes - 17 inch, 21 inch, and 27 inch.

The name Foolel comes from the word 'Fool' which means flower in Bangla. The floral motif on top is derived from geometry. It is curved out on an 18mm ply board to reveal all the internal layers of the material. Pine wood legs have bead moulding to add character and results in a light-weight, easy-to-carry product.

Foolel, one of the top selling and signature products of Bohu Bangladesh, is available in a number of tones and sizes. This quirky & versatile product can be placed in any home or boutique environment.