L23 Tuxedo Sofa

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L23 Tuxedo Sofa - Bohu Bangladesh

L23 Tuxedo Sofa

Tk 120,000.00 Sale

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Discover sophistication and comfort harmoniously embodied in our Lux Tuxedo Sofa. This meticulously crafted masterpiece seamlessly merges timeless design with plush comfort, making it more than just furniture—it's a home decor game-changer. The high square arms align seamlessly with the back, creating a masterpiece of style and substance. Sink into unparalleled coziness with its soft foam cushioning, while the teak wooden frame and premium stitching ensure lasting beauty and durability. Transform your living room into a haven of style and comfort with the Lux Tuxedo Sofa—because ordinary simply won't suffice.

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1. One Seater: The One Seater variation of the Lux Tuxedo Sofa is a perfect choice for cozy corners, small spaces, or as an elegant addition to your existing seating arrangement. It offers individual comfort and style in a compact design.

2. Two Seater: The Two Seater Lux Tuxedo Sofa strikes the perfect balance between space-saving design and roomy comfort. It's an excellent choice for those looking to maximize seating without sacrificing style, fitting perfectly in various room sizes.

3. Three Seater: The Three Seater version of the Lux Tuxedo Sofa is ideal for larger living areas, family rooms, or anyone who loves to entertain. With its spacious seating, it can accommodate multiple people in luxurious comfort.

4. Pouf: The Lux Tuxedo Pouf is a versatile addition to your seating ensemble. It complements the Lux Tuxedo Sofa beautifully, adding flexibility to your living space.

1. Layered Textures: Add textured cushions and soft throws for a layered, cozy look that invites you to sink in and relax.

2. Statement Lighting: Consider a chic chandelier or floor lamp to illuminate the area and create an inviting ambiance.

3. Accent Tables: Complement this unique sofa with wooden or glass accent tables to enhance the natural warmth and elegance of the sofa.